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Little road trip to a croatian wedding

Including Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Wien, Slovenia, Croatia, Rovinj, Soča and Alp stuff.

This summer we took a little road trip to Croatia for Johann and Mateja's beautiful wedding, of which no photos are presented here, of course. However, we had lots of nice little stops on the way there and back. There aren't many photos of these either. I take a lot less photos on vacation...

The trip started with a lovely little sunset hike in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Probably the most beautiful place for hiking near Berlin. The following day had the longest route with probably the most rain. It went from the German-Czech border down to Vienna. With a lunch stop in Brno, of which there are no photos, they are only available again from a night walk in Vienna. We spent two nights in Vienna, you could have spent even longer here. Beautiful city. The first evening started with traffic stress through countless one-way streets and the eternal search for a parking space, as these are usually limited to 2 hours and can only be paid for with some strange app... Which sucks for sleeping there. In the end, we just parked near the Replugged and slept and shat on it. Because we had to be on time for the Spectral Wound concert, which was mega. The Viennese support band Morbide was also very cool! The next day we had the full city program of eating, drinking, museums, strolling through the city and the night photos shown here.

After Vienna, we continued on to Slovenia, where there had been heavy rainfall, flooding and even landslides the days before. Where we landed, it was still relatively mild, but the effects were still clearly visible, as you can easily see in the photos. I also tested my new and first macro lens for the first time.It was actually intended for my product photography, but you can have fun with it too! The next day the Croatian wedding took place.What a beautiful party.I won't write any more about it here, except to thank the beautiful bride and groom once again!

We spent 2 days in beautiful Istria to relax after the very exhausting and long wedding.The first day was just spent getting there, jumping in a beautiful river on the way and hanging out.On the second day we went to the beautiful little town of Rovinj, which was still worth a visit even after I had been there 7 years ago.Even though it was very crowded with tourists, we were somehow part of it, very, very nice!

We had already reached the halfway point and had to head north again, but this time through the Alps.So we went along the Soča into the Slovenian Alps through the Triglav National Park.What a beautiful river and what a beautiful landscape!There we even met friends who had previously been at the Punkrock Holiday and we were able to spend a night with them, including some great homemade pizza!Hvala Benni and friends!The next day we were already at the Vorderem Gosausee, where there were also huge parking lots.Very practical if you're traveling by van. We also had the most beautiful starry night there!So I tried to take star photos without a lens, mind you.Well, but I think you can see the amazing number 🙂

We then spent the last day of our vacation in the south of the Czech Republic. Of which there is only one photo here of the beautiful little town of Český Krumlov. However, there was one last little adventure. We had a little canoe trip down the Vltava, after it took me 2 hours to persuade my girlfriend. Now there were also 1 or 2 rafting spots on the route where beginners were advised to carry the boat around. We thought we could manage that. But we didn't. Without the other people in the water and on land, we would have lost almost everything we had with us after we capsized. Well, only Mina's shoes floated away...

From now on it was just a matter of driving to Cottbus to the beautiful Blue Moon Festival, where I was supposed to take photos. Not much more could happen. Well, shortly after Prague we were pulled out by a snappy siren car. They asked if we had any alcohol and/or drugs with us. Of course we didn't! Apart from the one crate of beer and 2 bottles of hazelnut schnapps... the shepherd dog then sniffed through the entire T4, which was a mess after 2 weeks on the road. And of course nothing was found. So we still had some leftover weed for the beautiful Blue Moon Festival in Cottbus, of which you can see the Friday photos here and Saturday photos here 🙂

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